Mobile Price In India: Tata DOCOMO 3G Tariff Plans Offers
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Tata DOCOMO 3G Tariff Plans Offers

Tata Docomo 3G tariff plan charges and offers, Tata Docomo 3G Tata Docomo will become the first private 3G provider in India on this November. Stay tuned to this page for more information of Tata Docomo.

Tata Docomo 3G tariff plans will be announced on November | Earn Tata Docomo 3G tariff plans and pricing. Tata Docomo revolutionized the Indian telecom Industry by launching pay per second tariff plans last year.

Tata Docomo 3G tariff plans will be announced on November New and existing Tata Docomo customers should get a 3G enabled handset before applying for migration to 3G data services. Tata Docomo 3G tariff plans

If you are not using 3G Plan of BSNL or MTNL because of high price and poor service, here is good news for you. TATA DOCOMO is the first Private telecoms operator which are providing 3G service for your mobile handset at much cheaper rate and with good speed and service.

From November you can use 3G service of TATA DOCOMO in the following states-

1. Maharashtra & Goa
2. Punjab
3. Haryana
4. Uttar Pradesh (West)
5. Rajasthan
6. Gujarat
7. Karnataka
8. Kerala
9. Madhya Pradesh-Chhattisgarh

After few month other states of INDIA will also get 3G service from TATA Docomo or from other private 3G service provider.

If you are already using TATA DOCOMO service, your sim card is compatible with 3G service already. Once 3G service starts in your state, you will have to request Tata DOCOMO to activate 3G services. Your mobile handset should have 3G facility. Check your mobile model specification to know it is 3G compatible or not.

TATA DOCOMO Tarrif plan – It is not available right now, as soon as it will be available, you can see here. If you check BSNL 3G Tariff plan, call rate is cheaper than 2G plan, data transfer charge is Rs 1/ MB (Rs 1000 /GB) which is very costly. You can expect cheaper voice and video call rate in TATA DOCOMO 3G plan .There should be unlimited DATA transfer plan on daily basis or weekly basis.

Smart phone and 3G network you can do following -

* Make Video calls and video conference
* surf the internet faster
* Watch live TV on a 3G mobile phone
*Download and play multi-player 3D games
* real-time social networking


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